Avoid end of year burn out

Avoid end of year burn out

I think we can all agree that the second half of the year is always the hardest. Everything feels like it’s dragging and all you’re looking forward to is taking off work or waiting for the semester to end so you can refuel, gather yourself and indulge in those happy hour specials carefree. I for one am feeling the crunch and finishing off strong is now the ultimate goal. Since the beginning of winter, I’ve tirelessly been seeking for ways to get my energy and spunk back. I’ve done some research and found some of the following to be great tools to avoid that End of year burn out feel.

1.) Exercise 

There’s a sense of rush that comes with the second half of the year and with that there’s pressures to meet certain deadlines and stay on top of things and juggling another. This , unfortunately, for me means my anxiety levels are at an all time high and my confidence levels aren’t that great. Squeezing in gym sessions or taking a long walk helps ease my mind and those happy hormones start doing their job. So no matter how busy you are, squeeze in a mini workout, whether it’s skipping or signing up for a boxing class. Your body will thank you for it.

2.) Vitamins

This is the part where I start to sound like your mom but truth is, now more than ever, you really can’t afford to be skipping these. If you aren’t great with taking pills everyday , I recently discovered a health center called Reviv (www.revivme.com) , They offer a healthy dose of all the vitamins you need in the form of a drip. From energy boosting shots to ones that will have you feeling like yourself the options are endless and the benefits are great. So pop on over to their site and book a session now.

3.) Relax 

It’s so easy to tell someone to relax but when your workload is increasing faster than you can blink it sounds like an audacious recommendation. Balance is key. Take time to go to the movies or on that hike.

4.)Cut down on junk food 

This is one of the hardest parts for me because snacking on the go or treating yourself because it’s been a hard day always seems like a good enough reason but no, junk food ultimately makes you feel sluggish and your bodys’ happy hormones aren’t so happy to stick around anymore. Try yourself out with a week detox to reboot your system. Nirmala Juice (nirmalajuice.co.za) is a proudly South African brand that offers some of the yummiest and mouth watering detox packages I’ve seen. Pop on over to their site and take a look.

5.) Laugh

Lighten up, have a sense of humour. Rekindle with things that got you bursting out loud. You don’t carry all the world’s problems and that should be a calming reminder to keep you going.




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