Cover issue Styled

Cover issue Styled




Nasty C is undoubtedly one of the hottest new comers, if not the dopppest, in the SA Hip-Hop scene right now. The 19 year old is  blowing  us away with his sharp lyrics and catchy beats that make the club shake when hits such as Juice Back or Hell Naw play. The Plug Magazine ( made him their June cover star and I had the pleasure of styling him for it.

I always imagined styling to be this glamorous job where I’m spoilt with choice of amazing clothes and finding it way too easy to make somone look good but it proved to be challenging but a fun challenge nevertheless.

The Styling process

Brief– You get a brief from your employee on who you will be working with, for what and the look you need to bare in mind as well as your clients taste.

Documents – I was only given one place to source from which meant I had to get an authorized document that I had to present to the store manager. It included information like, who I am , who I work for , my job description and the budget for sourcing.

Choices- It’s easy to imagine how an outfit will look but the challenge I faced here was, if what I had in mind translated well onto my client. I had to bear in mind their height and correct sizes so things can be well fitted. In order to play it safe , I made sure to have three options for each of the three looks we had to do, because if your client doesn’t like one option hopefully they will like the next.

Organization – The day before the shoot, you have to make sure you have purchased things like:

-Ducktape to place under the shoes so that they don’t get damaged ( you get charged if you return them in a bad state).

-Pins – to tighten anything that might not fit properly.

-Cloth – to dust off or wipe  anything that might cause potential damage to the product.

-Iron- make sure the clothes aren’t crinkled prior to the shoot.

-Railtrack and hangers – to hang up the clothes neatly.

Refreshments –It’s important to provide your clients with a good experience and refreshments to their disposal as they get to work.

Stock take- Once the shoot is done , you need to make sure you take home every item. You will be given a receipt which you will need to take to the shoot and it helps you tick off the items once you done so you don’t get fined for missing items.

















Photo cred – Austin Malema (@austmalema)


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