My Radisson Blu Experience

My Radisson Blu Experience

I think it’s safe to say that we all deserve a break to cool off and gather our energy in order to finish off the year strong and although we’re far from vacation time ( well so it seems) a little weekend getaway to get your groove back will leave you feeling invincible and ready to tackle those looming deadlines. I was lucky enough to catch a break this past weekend and experience hotel life in my own city. I have driven past Radisson Blu numerous times and occasionally would meet up with friends for a cocktail at their vibrant Bar Lounge but it never crossed my mind how it would be like to be tucked away in one of their hotel rooms as a guest.

I decided to immerse myself in the experience and temporarily disconnect from the world for hours on end as I discovered the gems that hotel had to offer. My favorite and most relaxing moment was a much needed full body spa treatment.  The spa area offers an array of amenities such as a sauna , lounge area and Jacuzzi overlooking Sandton which I was more than happy to utilize.


Inbetween my relaxing naps and strolls to the restaurant, I managed to squeeze in a workout at the hotels’ in house Planet Fitness. Time found a way to slow down during my stay and I’m glad it did, this has been one of my favorite hotel experiences with the most hospitable staff, I definitely know where to go for a quick escape next time I need a break!


Thank you Radisson Blu for having me, I’m looking forward to my future stays.



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