Rocking The Daisies Outfit Staples

Rocking The Daisies Outfit Staples





Calling all festival goers and even the newbies!

Rocking The Daises is a week away and the question that dawns on a lot of peoples mind is, ‘What am I gonna wear??’. I think it’s safe to say a lot of us got major outfit envy from some of our favorite bloggers or celebrities earlier this year at Coachella and now is your time to emulate some of those looks or even go against the trends by doing your own thing.

If you are a newbie to the festival scene and not sure what type of outfits to rock and just want a guide line of the type of things you can wear; I’ve put together some festival trendy outfit  inspiration. The pieces I’ve chosen serve as a guide as some of the staple pieces to rock.

You can shop the looks right below.

Happy Shopping and see you there! 


1. Velvet Slip Dress

2.Off The Shoulder Top

3.Ruffle Fit and Flare Dress

4.Tie Wrap Top  

5.Tie Waist Shorts

6.Kattie Butterfly Necklace

7. Mini Croc Pushlock

8. Biker Jacket

9.Hi-Top Leather sandals

10. Patterned Jacket

11.Aviator Style Sunglasses



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Aimee Song


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