How to wear your trendy staples in a work place

How to wear your trendy staples in a work place

We’ve all opened our closets and exclaimed “But I have nothing to wear!?!” as you sulked and sank onto the floor surrounded by clothes and a looming interview for THAT job! Or it’s Sunday afternoon and you’re looking at planning your #OOTD’s for a rockstar week, that has your name written all over it – now if only you had the signature pieces that would complete the looks. Without breaking the bank, there are some great quality items that you can purchase, mix and match with what you have already, in order to achieve the looks that you want and also in keeping with trends. As always, it’s important to keep in mind comfort, the cut, layering, colours and personal taste – because what works for your bestie, may be something you are not too fond of for yourself.

Words by Phumza Langa 


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