My Favorite On-The-Go Beauty Products

My Favorite On-The-Go Beauty Products



When I’m in a rush to get out the house which for some odd reason has been the case lately or I’m trying to achieve a simple look, here are some of my on-the-go beauty products I use and it only takes me about 10 min to get done.

1.) Eye brow pencil – I’m still trying to perfect my eyebrow technique but I’ve been really enjoying using this eye brow pencil I got from Clicks with the brush attached to it, it helps me even out and shape my brows before I fill them in so I can get the look that I want.

2.) Highlighter – I have been using this highlighter for years! and I am so glad Mac haven’t phased it out. With or Without foundation I like using this to add some glow to my cheeks and the shimmer is just the right amount to give me that golden bronze look.

3.) Eye Lashes – Probably my favorite part about putting together a make up. I find that even if you don’t feel like doing much to your face , eye-lashes give your face that THING, lol , I can’t explain it but your face just looks more awake and I use lashes from Eyelure number 035, costs me about R54 and I usually use them up to six time ( with cleaning included) so I find it so worth it. If you have smaller eyes they have shorter and more natural looks to accommodate you so you should just be on the look out  ( Those ones are usually in a maroon packaging)

4.) Mascara – I got gifted this mascara from Catrice and wow I am so obsessed. The volume and length this mascara gives is so perfect.

5.) Foundation – I’ve struggled with this for a while now and I still am on the search for the perfect one but this Maybelline foundation has been a nice light coverage but I’m always on the hunt for. when I don’t feel like wearing foundation, I’ve been really enjoying using the new BB Cream from Sorbet.

 6.) Lips – I may have lied earlier, this is actually my favorite part of make up. I love lips sticks, lip balms, glosses you name it and even with a bare face and none of the things listed above, lip gloss and/or lipstick have this great power of brightening your face no matter what shade you go for. I’ve been really into dark browns and doing an ombre with them to add dimension to my lips. I opt out for Essence because it is affordable and they quality and consistency is great.




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