Eat Work Play

Eat Work Play

In April I had the opportunity to travel to Ghana with my production team to shoot a series for E! Africa on African celebrities. I was beside myself with excitement but equally nervous. Growing up I had always traveled with my family and had the comfort of knowing that my parents will take care of all the nitty gritty details of visas and vaccinations. This was a true test to see just how well my big girl panties fit.  Not knowing what to expect I cleared my mind and hoped for the best.

Getting off the plane I could’ve sworn I had just stepped into a sauna, I was alarmed at how hot and humid it was. With temperatures averaging at twenty six degrees  I just had to shake it off and get on with it. We arrived at our hotel and I quickly set the air conditioner to a much cooler temperature as I prepared for dinner and right after that we didn’t waste time and got straight to the reason why we flew eight hours there.



E! was shooting a mini docu-series on African stars and the one we were focusing on on this trip was Joselyn Dumas. She is one of the most successful Actresses, TV Host and entrepreneurs of Ghana. My job was to do intensive research on her and assist in coordinating the production of the episode. I was excited but nervous to be working with her because I didn’t know If I was going to be dealing with a diva or the opposite. She proved to be nothing but a delight to work with and we even sparked up a friendship that I hold dearly. The three days were a breeze which left us with enough time to explore the streets and night life .



When in rome you do what the romans do, right? so we opted to eat like the locals and dare to try foods we had never had. I loved it and I have added Ghanaian food to my favorite list. It is so rich in flavor and diverse that I didn’t eat the same meal twice and loved every dish. Joselyn took us  her friends restaurant which happened to be one of the most popular spots to grab a bite at. Mukasechic(@mukasechic on Instagram) houses some of the most mouth watering food. In order to be able to enjoy and try it all, everyone on the table ordered something different and we all sampled from each other,  I instantly found myself on cloud nine.


Like the true workaholics that we are, we managed to finish production in one day which meant we had enough time to play and be tourists. Nhyira Addo, the owner of the largest radio station in Ghana ( Joy FM) took us under his wings and gave us a tour of his studios as well as the best nightclub in the city. It was fun to experience a different party scene. I have never danced that much to dancehall.

I couldn’t have been more grateful for the opportunity and the people I met along the way. It was a perfect balance of mixing business with pleasure.


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