Mind on Menu

Mind on Menu

Slow progress is better than no progress, right?

Although I have had to constantly remind myself this for the past two months, I’m getting accustomed to enjoying the journey than obsessing over the destination. Fully committing as I go along and forgiving myself and bouncing right back when the junk food monsters attack. Womens Heath Magazine has been helpful with keeping me motivated and educating me about health and my body. In the August issue I was particularly  drawn to the ‘Laws of Ordering‘ article that took me through  the ordering etiquette for someone looking to indulge but still be health conscious of what they’re eating, especially if they have a fixed gym schedule in place.

What I learnt.

  • Order first– this will help you make and stick to the healthy option before hearing what others want which would lead you to changing your mind and opting for the greasier meal if you had ordered last.
  • Shrink your drink– If you still want to have that yummy drink that’s not really the best choice then down size it, that way the damage done is less and according to the article you will sip slower.
  • Table Water – This will inevitably have you sipping on it whether you are conscious of it or not.
  • Take your time – Once your meal has arrived, relax and take it slow. don’t inhale your food. Engage in and enjoy some good conversation and company, that is one of the reasons you went out anyways right?
Tried and Tested

If you know me you’d know how much I love good food,  bearing in mind the article I read and the lifestyle journey I have currently embarked on , I put my mind on the menu and tested the theories the article swore on. It was emotionally exhausting having to be blind to the juicy burgers, pastas and fries that were dancing all over the menu but I followed the step by step process and made decent decisions. So yes it does work, but for cheat day, I’m definitely going back to get those fries.

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