Garnier Pure Active Ambassador

Garnier Pure Active Ambassador

Getting chosen to be one of the Garnier Pure Active Ambassadors has been one of the best highlights of my year so far. I take pride in my appearance and I am constantly looking for new and sustainable beauty and hygiene regimes. The Pure Active range offers a large variety of products that are designed to cater to your specific needs. The 3 in 1 face wash, which consists of a face mask, scrub and exfoliator,  is one of my favorite as it provides a solution to my trouble areas all in one wash.  I have had issues with uneven skin tone and occasional, stubborn rash-like break outs that never seemed to completely go away. The 3 in 1 has been effective in solving those issues simultaneously whilst still being gentle on my sensitive skin and all the while leaving it feeling and smelling fresh. I always encourage my friends and family to try these products because I am astounded at the results I see and would love for other  people to get on this journey with me and gain a new confidence.

Have you tried any of Pure Active range? Which on is your favorite?

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