Easy To Apply Rose Gold Metallic Nails

Easy To Apply Rose Gold Metallic Nails

My current obsession with the color rose gold is slowly getting out of hand, from lamp stands to phone covers I feel like I need to have it all!  One of my favorite purchases,and the one thing I’m constantly getting compliments on and asked where I got them done, are my rose gold metallic nails. Here’s the part that surprises everyone…They are actually stick-ons that I purchased from Clicks! which for me is perfect because it saves me money and time than when I go to a nail bar.

I’m going to let you guys in on tips and tricks for how I put them on and ensure that they last long, because sharing is caring 🙂


What it comes with

The brand name of the nails is ‘Elegant Touch’ which is a UK brand and produces some of the trendiest stick on nails on the go. One pack comes with 24 nails in 10 different shapes to ensure that different nails shape and sizes can apply them as well as a super nail glue stick.


How to apply them 

What I always do is empty out the contents on my bed or desk and begin the process of matching the right sizes. I make sure I pair together the same size nail for both hands before applying to avoid having the wrong size on each hand. Once I’ve laid them out I open my glue and carefully stick them on my nails, I press hard on my nail for about 10 seconds to ensure it’s on properly.


How to maintain them 

The one trick that I’ve learnt to ensure the rose gold stays longer and doesn’t chip away is by simply applying clear nail polish, do this once you’re done sticking on the nails and the glue has dried. This makes a huge difference in how long they last , increasing the life span by an extra 2 weeks.

Some of the nails don’t fit my nails exactly so when I find a size close to mine and it is a bit big I just use a filer to shape it to the right width of my nail.


All Done!

You can shop these at Clicks Beauty section . I’ve purchased mine from the Sandton City Mall (Johanneburg) and Canal Walk ( Cape Town) for only R90 and I can’t get enough of them.


I’d love to see how they look on you. Tag me on Instagram Astoldbytiffany or Twitter Tiffanynlx as well as Clicks and show off your elegantly chic new set of nails.







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