Friday Fashion Picks : Jean-ius designs

Friday Fashion Picks : Jean-ius designs

The beauty of fashion trends is that they always have a way of coming back in full circle and reinventing themselves, this week for my Friday Fashion Picks, I’m zooming in on one subtle trend that’s making a big statement. I call it Jean-ius New Designs and whether it’s really new is up for debate, I guess. From fun embroidery to going the extra mile and chopping and changing the design of your denim, a lot of fashion forward influencers are taking the leap and showing us how to do it. Here are some of my favorite  Jean patterns and ones you should be on the look out if you looking to spice up your denim this summer.

Aimee Song is fiercely and fearlessly rocking this trend.

Denim embroidery is everywhere and it can stay. Does it not make you feel so nostalgic?

From our arms to our feet, this jean fringe trend is by far my favorite, it’s the right hint of sexy and stylish and it just compliments our shoes so well.


Where to shop the look


Top Shop

River Island

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Aimee Song



Harper’s Bazaar


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