Christmas Nail Art Inspo

Christmas Nail Art Inspo

Tis finally the season to be merry and indulge on those yummy treats guilt free.  Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year and I’ve been so blessed to experience how it is around the world for different countries. I must admit though, no one does Christmas like Americans and maybe that’s where I got my Christmas spirit from. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not I think getting involved in the fun wouldn’t hurt anybody. I’m now on the search for a Christmas sweater, you know, the one that’s usually bright red with a deer on it but besides that I think you could join in on the fun in subtle ways.


Nail Art




If you know me, you know how much I love playing around with my nails and trying new things. If getting the traditional Christmas sweater isn’t your vibe and you prefer to keep it subtle but still funky, the nail art is definitely the way to go about it. House of Holland has the best nail art press on nails if you not looking to commit too much , I love their range and it leaves little room for mistakes when it comes to the art because it’s already done, all you have to do is just apply them on to your nails.


Shop the nails at your nearest Clicks or Dischem . look out for House Of Holland Nails 


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