30 Days of Gratitude

30 Days of Gratitude

Hi Guys!


So I know I went MIA for a weeks , in-between finishing off exams and dealing with health issues, I can admit that I wasn’t on my A game as I usually like to be. With all the chaos and feeling overwhelmed I decided to dedicate my November to do  ’30 Days of Gratitude’  where by I reflect on something each day that I am grateful for, I wont lie I loved doing this,  I think it’s so easy as humans to get too focused on the negative when there really are many things that we take for granted that we should be grateful for. So although Thanksgiving is a Western holiday , I couldn’t help but want to adopt this into my festive spirit.

Here are 10 things i’m most grateful for :

  1. A good support system- From family to friends, I feel so blessed to be surrounded by people that genuinely care for me and my well being and never tire to show me that.
  2. A roof over my head – Watching how many people were left homeless from the floods made me feel grateful that I can rest my head safely at night.
  3. Social Media – Launching my blog this year has proved to be the most rewarding thing I’ve done in a while, letting myself be vulnerable and share my story with people and having people want to listen and interact humbles me so much and makes me look forward to the new year.
  4. A meal – I never go to bed hungry and in the world we live in that’s seen as luxury for some people.
  5. Nick – For making me believe in love again and showing me day in and out how beautiful it really is.
  6. God – my sound board and shoulder to cry on, my life would be in shambles without him.
  7. My Mother – For her incredible strength and resilience.
  8. My Father – for the great relationship we have. The importance of a good relationship between a father and daughter is undermined.
  9. My Siblings – going through life knowing I have them is priceless.
  10.  My friends- for being the sisters I never had , our bond is eternal.


What are you grateful for?


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