Juice Detox With Nirmala

Juice Detox With Nirmala

These past three days have officially been the longest three days of my life. For someone that enjoys her food, doing this juice detox was more of a discipline and spiritual journey  more than trying to get a head start in shedding 3kgs for the summer. The idea of ridding my body of toxins and starting afresh felt like the perfect cleanse of attempting to leave a certain part of me behind and embracing a side of me I dream of all the time. To my surprise , and pleasantly so, I completed my three day juice detox with Nirmala Juice    and not to sound corny, I feel better than ever .

Nirmala Juice was founded by Mo who is a juice, food and healthy living enthusiast. She is a self proclaimed food junkie with a background in hospitality , spas and wellness, with years of experience here and abroad. Nirmala is a Sanskrit ( Ancient Indian Language) word meaning PURE. It’s their approach to wellness and health of pure goodness, nothing added, nothing taken away.

After being exposed to an ever trendy healthy lifestyle for several years in the US, Mo returned home and had been juicing and experimenting with health recipes for years. She finally grew tired of making concoctions for family , friends and their friends and decided to start a juice company and turn it into a business that she could make a living off of. So far she has been so thrilled with the appetite the public has for juicing and healthy living and is excited  to introduce new and exciting things in the future for her clients.

I kept a journal of my journey and if you want to juice here’s a heads up of what you will experience.


Day 1

12:00 – I’m starting to sip on my third juice of the day and I’m feeling fine, slightly hungry but the juice and water in between really fills the void. I’ve dedicated these three days to preserving my energy and trying to get the most out of this experience. I’m hoping to feel lighter, physically and mentally at the end.

15:00 – I’ve gone through the motions of feeling starved to feeling invincible like ‘ Who needs food? I could do this forever’. I’m about to sip down on my second last juice of the day and I can’t help but crave some food but I guess the juice will suffice.

18:00 – Last Juice of the day and my cravings are all over the place, from wanting a fried egg to pork ribs , it’s like I’m slowly starting to lose my mind. I can smell dinner being made and I think it’s safe if I just lock myself in my room tonight.

Day 2

12:00 – I read somewhere that I was supposed to wake up feeling energized today, I don’t. I’m feeling the opposite actually. I feel like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed then rolled over onto a emotional rollercoaster which doesn’t seem like it’ll end soon. However , my stomach looks flatter and that’s the saving grace.

15:00– Today is definitely the hardest day . A friend asked me to help her with something that requires me to leave the house and as much as I was dreading it, the distraction was needed.

21:00– I’m only getting into bed now and the safest way to get through the night is meditate myself to sleep. I’m tired.


Day 3

10:00 – I woke up feeling completely horrible, mood wise. My emotions are all over the place and the thought of getting through this day with the juice is just painful but it is the last day and I’m pleasantly surprised with myself for making it to the third day without cheating.

15:00– Again, my energy levels are low and I find myself being in and out of sleep. despite my energy levels being low I’m seeing and feelin physical changes that usually take me weeks to get. my skin is visibly clearer and has a glow to it , all the bloating is gone and it feels amazing to see my stomach in a familiar state and my clothes are slightly looser.

18:00– I think the excitement of this being my finally juice has shot up my energy but I must say that despite how hard it was, it was worth it and I could do it again. I think juicing is as much of a spiritual thing as it is physical and being mindful of that during the course of cleanse helps you get more out of it.


Day 4

First day off the cleanse and I feel so great, initially during my cleanse I fantasied about all the juicy greasy food I would indulge in as I got off the cleanse but seeing how much good its done to my body , I would hate to undo all of that work and funny enough all those cravings are gone, I’m finding myself craving basic food and savoring the flavor. I will give myself another three days to return to solid food, I’m going to eating fruits and veggies and get my body back to getting used to having food in its system.


Visit Nirmala Juice          for more information and see other detox packages that are suited for you 🙂

Happy Juicing!


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