No Mirror Month Challenge

No Mirror Month Challenge

I have finally finished reading ‘Meditate Your Weight’ and successfully completed the 21 day program in the book and one lesson that has stuck with me from it is practicing  living a life of mindful awareness, that in a nutshell  means living a life where you are conscious of decisions you make  without being judgmental on yourself in order for you to live the life you desire. I scratched my head in a sense of panic when I was on day 20 , thinking what I’m going to do after the book ends and if I will even continue to practice the meditations I started to grow accustomed to doing every morning before work.

Sticking to theme of being gentle on myself and my journey to a healthier lifestyle, I came to realize a habit I have that I was unconsciously doing -day in and day out, and that was judging my body and progress through the reflection of the mirror. It wasn’t intentional but I noticed how I would tend to judge my progress of lack there of by my appearance in the mirror in the morning, you know that elated feeling of waking up with a flat tummy then a few days later you don’t and your mood for the day has been affected by your concern that you have probably gained weight or your progress has taken a knock. I’ve noticed how I’ve clinged to that as a form of validation of whether I’m doing well or not since I absolutely refuse to hop on a scale to possibly further depress myself more.

For the month of February I am dedicating it to not looking at my body in the mirror. My reasoning is simply, I want to continue giving my body the proper nourishment and care without persecuting it for not having made a drastic change over a course of three days. I want to allow myself to enjoy the journey and hopefully being pleasantly surprised or at least less judgmental on myself as time goes by.

All I’m doing for these 28 days is being mindful of what I consume and not bringing myself down for having a treat once a week or if I slip up, being gentle and forgiving of myself for that too and continue doing workouts that make me feel good. This isn’t about weigh loss but more a about trying to learn to be less judgmental of myself, the rest usually tends to follow.

Your mind needs to have arrived at the destination before your body does. 

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  1. Linda Lekuku
    March 26, 2017 / 3:40 am

    Well written Tiff

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