The ABC on Wigs

The ABC on Wigs

By Marilyn Suto 

Every black girl knows that the transition from one hairstyle to another can be quite tricky. There are so many factors that one needs to consider before deciding on your next hairstyle. One’s budget poses an inevitable limitation, then you have to consider if its work out friendly and if you’re willing to spend the whole day doing your hair and most importantly the wreckage it might or might not cause on your hairline.  Well ladies, I believe that the perfect solution to this problem is wearing wigs, as wearing wigs kills two birds with one stone. It solves so many of our problems. Firstly, wigs are convenient, they are easy to install and it will not take you the whole day to get the hairstyle done, a la twists or box braids.  They provide you with the option of caring for your hair properly, as you can see the state of your hair on a daily basis. This is unlike with a weave or braids where the true state of your hair is only revealed once removed. This makes it easier to wash your hair, another option not provided for when your hair is in a weave or braided. An additional pro of wearing a wig is that they cause the least damage to your hairline. In fact, if your hairline is in the early stages of receding, wearing a wig provides one with the best option at a protective style.

Wig wearing also provides one with longevity, since you would take your wig off at night, it will not suffer the wear and tear associated with tossing and turning at night. Versatility, is another advantage of wearing wigs, one gets to play around with different textures and even colours without causing damage to your own hair. I have highlighted many advantages associated with wearing wigs but there are disadvantages, don’t be fooled. The only snag associated with wig wearing is the initial cost. A good wig ranges well into the thousands and that’s a difficult investment for anyone to make. However, if one considers how long a wig can be worn for, the return on that investment is well worth the initial cost. In the end, the cost per wear ratio becomes justifiable. The 2017 academic year is about to kick off with most varsities about to open, so be sure to consider a wig as your go-to-campus- style. It will provide you with the least stress to maintain, as wigs are easy to manage and will not frustrate you as you push your all-nighters during the dreaded hell-week. In addition, they allow you to look cute on campus, the reality is wigs strike the perfect balance between form and function. If you’re interested in buying a wig, check out these vendors: Patrick Missile and Ubuhle Hand Made Wigs. I have to be honest, these vendors do cater to the higher end of the market however don’t despair, Hair City, provides affordable wigs if you’re unwilling to break the bank. Furthermore, there are natural hair wigs available on the market for the politically conscious ladies who are averse to wearing wigs because they are usually styled to resemble western hair; so check out O Natural Wigs for great natural hair wigs.  So ladies, I’ve served my tea on wearing wigs, I hope this has helped you.

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