New On The Blog : Beauty

New On The Blog : Beauty

Beauty . A simple yet expansive word that has consumed us as a society in a time of the aesthetically conscious social media user. I can admit when starting up my blog I was very apprehensive about including it as a category because I felt I didn’t know too much about it or the little that I knew would almost be somewhat of an insult to beauty bloggers and vloggers who were obviously experts about what they were talking about , then I had a realization that my approach or lack there of to it wasn’t that deep. I had made an observation as I causally scrolled through my Instagram feed or twitter page how we all had the same questions and curiosities about certain beauty products , beauty regimes or where to purchase that ‘to die for!’ lipstick and granted bloggers and influencers along with brand partnerships have made it easier for people not to assume (with the help of tagging the brand) but some questions I think are still unanswered and I want to make that just a tad easier. Apart from having a new Beauty Category on the blog, for the next few weeks ; new contributor to As Told By Tiffany, Marilyn Suto will be uncovering  the most popular asked and not so asked questions to some of your favorite bloggers / Vloggers and Infulencers.

So stay tuned to see who we will be featuring , she might just have the answers you’ve been dying to know 🙂






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