Beauty Tips : Minky Mothabela

Beauty Tips : Minky Mothabela

The blogger/vlogger industry has become saturated over the years, but Minky Mothabela surely stands out. Minky is one of our faves because she is carving a niche of her own in beauty vlogging, an industry that has only recently caught on in South Africa. Beauty Youtubers are common in the American and British market but are only starting to gain traction in South Africa, and we consider Minky to be a trailblazer in this regard. In light of this we thought that she would be the perfect candidate to kick off our new beauty series, and it helps that she has great hair and skin, meaning that it would be safe for us to take heed of her advice.



1. Okay, lets’ start with the basics, what does your basic skin care routine entail and what products do you use?

For me there’s no such things as a ‘basic’ skin care routine lol. It’s quite involved but some of the products I cannot live without and that I swear by are my Clarisonic Mia 2 – it’s like the Gucci of all facial cleansers. I love my Celltone snail gel to keep my skin tone even and to tighten. Another product I love from them is their suncream with spf 50+. It’s so important to always protect your skin from sun damage and that sun cream doesn’t give my skin a blue tint and it’s also light enough to wear under makeup. And lastly my dermalogica age reversal eye complex eye cream. The skin around the eyes are the most sensitive part of the face and the eye cream really hydrates and nourishes.

2. What does your hair routine entail and what hair care products do you use?

Usually my hair is under a weave or braided. I’m just a huge fan of protective styling. I really love using the Pantene repair and protect shampoo and conditioner for both my hair and my extensions. It’s so good! I also really love the organic coconut oil from Woolies. It really nourishes the hair and keeps it from behind brittle, especially in the colder months.




3. What is your favourite hair salon to get your hair done when you feel like splurging and when you feel like saving money?

lol I never feel like splurging. For me it’s all about loyalty. Kuda and Greis ( both in Randburg) are my hairdressers and I interchange between them. They know and understand my hair and what I like so hair appointments are never stressful.

4. What do you consider to be your number one beauty secret? 

It’s not much of a secret but it’s something I think everyone should do. I drink between 2.5 to 3 liters of lemon water a day. That’s primarily what has kept my skin clear, hydrated and glowing.

5. What has been your most indulgent beauty buy? 

I’m a sucker for Chanel lip glosses. The formula is bomb and they make me feel all expensive and sophisticated and stuff ??




6. What is your recommended place to shape your eyebrows?

The Indian men down the road from my house are the best?. They have a salon and trust me when I say they know what they’re doing. And they’re totally inexpensive. I pay R60 a month to get my eyebrows and face threaded.

7. Do you have any regrettable beauty purchases?

My Calvin Klein foundation? they should stick to underwear.

8. What is the one beauty, hair or make up product you wished was available in South Africa?

The whole Tarte Maracuja range. I need the whole thing ?


9. Do you have a favourite beauty/hair YouTuber? 

I absolutely love Jackie Aina, Jacklyn Hill And Amanda Ensing. Locally I’m a fan of Cynthia Gwebu and Aisha Baker (Bakedtheblog)

10. Do you have any favourite South African beauty products?

African Extracts Rooibos facial wash. It smells Devine and cleans your skin so well.


 Words by Marilyn Suto 


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