Beauty Tips: Kiabe Mautla

Beauty Tips: Kiabe Mautla
If you’re looking for a no fuss beauty regime then Keabe Mautla is definitely your girl! Keabe’s approach can be described as easy breezy, striking the perfect balance between expediency and wanting to look good. She understands that the average girl doesn’t have the time to fuss over her hair or skin. Keabe is more than a bald style blogger as she proclaims in her bio but she is also a bold style blogger and this makes her a perfect candidate to be profiled in the Beauty Secrets feature.
1. Okay, lets’ start with the basics, what does your basic skin care routine entail and what products do you use?
My skincare routine is so short, basic and boring. I had the worst acne in my late teens and early twenties so I went to a dermatologist who prescribed medication to help with the the acne. I couldn’t use any strong topical creams so ever since then I’ve stuck to washing my face with Pure Soap, a fragrance and color free glycerine soap bar. During the day I’ll moisturize with a little coconut oil and I use sunscreen (the higher the SPF the better). In the evenings I’ll use Epiduo and Zineryt which are prescription products to help with my acne scars.
2. What does your hair routine entail and what hair care products do you use?
Also, super boring. I cut my hair very short so I condition my scalp almost every second day while bathing/showering and use a shampoo weekly. Then I use natural oils on my scalp/short hair. Argan oil, jojoba oil and shea butter are my absolute favourite for everyday use.
3. What is your favourite hair salon to get your hair done when you feel like splurging and when you feel like saving money?
A hair cut isn’t exactly expensive. I can get my hair cut for R50 in the hood. To splurge I’ll go to Sorbet Man, Candi & Co or LeLooks where my hair cut will be followed by a relaxing head massage with some yummy smelling shampoos and conditioners. I also get protein treatments done at either one of these salons. Although I don’t want hair now, I like making sure that if I do want hair in the future my follicles are healthy enough to grow good hair. A splurge on a hair cut and treatment can cost me between R200 – R300.
4. What do you consider to be your number one beauty secret? 
Sunscreen. I’ve been using sunscreen on my face religiously for years. I try and find one with SPF 50+ but sometimes I’ll settle for 30. If there’s one thing I don’t want in my life, it’s sun damage. No amount of make up  or beauty products can help sun damaged skin. My dermatologist drilled this into my head for years.
5. What has been your most indulgent beauty buy? 
Not a buy per se, but a spa package at The Saxon. I cringe thinking about how much I spent on a body scrub, massage and facial. It was indulgent and decadent, and worth every cent.
6. What is your recommended place to shape your eyebrows?
I recently had my brows microbladed. Before this I never had anyone else shape my eyebrows. My brows are still healing but I’m already loving the result so if you’re looking for a semi-permanent solution to shaping and filling in your brows I would definitely suggest The Browery in Melrose. I like full, dense brows and Misha at The Browery gets it.
7. Do you have any regrettable beauty purchases?
The common thread with all the beauty purchases I regretted was not taking it for a test run in natural light. Indoors, under harsh store light a shade might look right then look terribly wrong under natural sunlight. These include foundations, powders and bronzers. Any purchases I’ve regretted I managed to repurpose so I could get some value out of it.
8. What is the one beauty, hair or make up product you wished was available in South Africa?
Just one?! NARS, Laura Mercier, Marc Jacobs Beauty & Anastasia Beverly Hills
9. Do you have a favourite beauty/hair YouTuber? 
I have a few. MsRoshPosh MakeupbyShayla, ItsMyRayeRaye and JaydePierce. They’re all different and I like that they’re looks aren’t all dramatic and too hard to follow.
10. Do you have any favourite South African beauty products?
I’m ashamed to say I really don’t use many locally produced beauty products. I have made a conscious decision to source and review more local beauty products, preferably black owned ones, but it’s been slow.
So far I like Lipidol which is a range of oils for face and body. I also enjoy using Africology products. The body butter, bath salts and tissue oil smell absolutely amazing and leave my skin feeling really smooth and supple.
                                                                         Words by Marilyn Suto 

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