Beauty Tips : Kamogelo Makokwane

Beauty Tips : Kamogelo Makokwane
 London based yet truly proudly South African blogger Kamo Mafokwane is carving a niche for herself in the super-competitive luxury goods blogosphere. With a degree from the prestigious London College of Fashion in hand she is ready to conquer the world. Kamo can be considered as the South African version of Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty fame or British blogger Claire Channelle. Luxury beauty and fashion blogging is a rarity in South Africa and Kamo stands out because of the unique lane she’s etching for her self in this regard. Our girl uses products that we can only dream about a la La Mer but that should not act as a deterrent. Instead be wise to bookmark her suggestions so that you can refer to them at a later stage when you are ready to purchase investment beauty products. Kamo is as royal and exclusive as the name of her blog suggests (Will Kate Lady is the name of her blog) therefore we would be remiss to not include her in this series and we hope that you guys enjoy her interview.
1. Okay, lets’ start with the basics, what does your basic skin care routine entail and what products do you use?
Basic care routine is mostly entails of consistency. That’s a big thing for me! It’s a  So every morning and night I go through a routine. I start of by using;
1. ELEMIS Brightening White Brightening Even Tone Cleanser
2. REN clarimatte toner
3. La Mer revitalising and hydrating serum 
4. Ren Skincare Vita Mineral Daily Supplement Moisturiser (in the morning)
5. REN V Cense Night Cream  


2. What does your hair routine entail and what hair care products do you use?

They switch all the time, purely I like to give my hair what it asks for. So I usually start of by using protein feed shampoo and conditioner, depends on what my hair range needs at that current moment but I usually use the moisturising range. After washing, I spray Palmers leave in conditioner and TRESemme Protect Heat Defence Styling spray, blow dry then massage my scalp with hair moisturiser, differs all the time.

3. What is your favourite hair salon to get your hair done when you feel like splurging and when you feel like saving money?

I don’t usually have a favourite hair salon because I believe in learning how to look after your own hair purely because I travel a lot so it comes in handy when I need to do my hair. 

4. What do you consider to be your number one beauty secret? 

Number beauty secret, would be invest in a really good night oil which you use before bed, it will really do your skin justice. Always remember beauty starts from inside out. Look after your skin and your makeup will always look perfect! 

5. What has been your most indulgent beauty buy?

This also differs time to time but I would have to say I indulge a lot in skincare products like oils or masks rather than makeup products. 


 6. What is your recommended place to shape your eyebrows?

I do them in Sandton City at 

Eye Candy inside Woolworths.

7. Do you have any regrettable beauty purchases?

Yes, the smashbox xrated mascara. I heard such great things about the mascara until I bought it and used it.. I was abit disappointed. But different strokes for different 

8. What is the one beauty, hair or make up product you wished was available in South Africa?
I really wish we had NARS available in South Africa.
9. Do you have a favourite beauty/hair YouTuber? 
Makeup Shayla is my favourite beauty youtuber. I don’t really watch hair tutorials.
10. Do you have any favourite South African beauty products?
 I’ve heard Connie Transforms is a really good brand but haven’t had the pleasure to personally try it myself.
                                                                  Words by Marilyn Suto

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