How To Build Your Own Meal With FitChef

How To Build Your Own Meal With FitChef

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So this is an update post on my previous FitChef post. It’s been over a week now since I started trying out their new Elements Range and to be honest I don’t know how I’m going to go back to regular programming after this. I love how easy their Elements Range is when it comes to putting meals together. If you still don’t understand what their range is about, Elements Range is the new and easy way of creating and building your own meals and recopies with the aid and options of their already prepacked selection of food. You have a selection of protein, carbs , veggies and even healthy cheat meal like nuggets and fries. I was pleasantly surprised on day one when I took a bite of my first meal, it was Meat Balls, Veggies and a roast potato. for some reason I was expecting it to be average but it was bursting with yummy flavor, I instantly fell in love with it because it reminded me again how eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bland and boring.


The one thing I absolutely love about this range is how it gives you options to create your owns meals, for me it helps satisfy a certain craving without having to have a cheat meal outside the program. Having that option eliminates the anxiety of having to salvage your way through a healthy meal you know you need to have but aren’t in the mood for.

All that’s been required of me during this past week has been to make sure I take out my food elements from the freezer and into the fridge to let it defrost over night then preheat when i’m ready to eat.I love emphasizing this but it really is heaven for someone that works, having that stress of what to eat for lunch at work lifted off your shoulder does make for a smoother day.


Here are some of the on to the go lunches I’ve taken to work ( for dinner I try to alternate between no carbs or one of their full prepackaged meals)




( Penne Pasta, bacon bits and Pesto sauce ) and ( Mixed seasonal greens )

The other great thing about the Elements Range is that the food options are in small containers which is correct to the right food portions we’re meant to be eating.


To order your Elements Range today, Be sure to head on over to FitChef !


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