Beauty Tips : Sino Mondliwa

Beauty Tips : Sino Mondliwa

The Beauty Secrets feature is coming to an end and we’re ending it off with a bang, our feature for the final week is none other than Sino Mondliwa. Sino, fulfils many roles, in addition to being a daughter, sister and friend she also acts as a brand ambassador for locally produced hair care range Native Child. The former Witsie is slowly but surely climbing the corporate ladder as a property administrator and in her spare time she finds the time to share her hair care secrets on her burgeoning YouTube channel. We thought that Sino would be the perfect ‘It Girl’ to sign off on the feature because she has just recently embarked on her natural hair journey (she’s almost two years natural). We have to admit her transition has been amazing and as such we are more than willing to learn from her and we hope that her advice helps you too.


1. Okay, lets’ start with the basics, what does your basic skin care routine entail and what products do you use?

Woah. I do not have a daily routine. I usually just study how my skin is behaving and treat accordingly. It has different needs during different seasons and at different times of the month. 


Typical Day: I wake up and rinse my face with plain warm water then use Garnier Pure Active 3-In-1 Wash, Scrub & Mask to wash. I then wipe my face down with cotton wool doused in L’Oreal Micellar Cleansing Water.


Daily Moisturizer: Epimax Plus for adults with a few drops of sweet almond oil. In winter I add more oils into my Epimax, these oils vary from Avocado oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil and olive oil. It depends on what I’m “feeling” at that particular time. They are all good and have different benefits.


At night: I take a bath or shower every night then I moisturize my entire body and face with sweet almond oil. I wait a bit before I enter the bed because your sheets will hate you.

Weekly: I’m obsessed with masks and I’m currently using L’Oreal Clay Masks. There are 3 of them and they help brighten and detox my skin. I do this once a week. Usually just before date night or on a Sunday.

Monthly: My skin is guaranteed to break out every month around my period so I do not apply oil that week. I mask more often and steam my face using kettle water over my sink.

Makeup: I use MAC minerals and studio fix powders. One I use as a light foundation instead of liquid foundation and the other I use as a powder. The minerals powder has some shimmer which I’m obsessed with.

Blush: I use MAC peach twist sheer tone shimmer blush. Im obsessed with it.

Lashes: Im using L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes. Epic

Brows: I fill my brows using essence eyebrow designer in brown. The only reason is the price. It tends to get too soft and draw darker lines so I pop it in the freezer for a few minutes sometimes so that it’s hard and as light as possible.

Lips: A ruby woo lip sets my soul on fire but for “tass” I use anything around. I hate Vaseline though because it’s too heavy and sometimes melts into my mouth and the taste makes me naar, even zambuck is better.

I hope I did not leave anything out.

  1. What does your hair routine entail and what hair care products do you use?


Im obsessed with hair care and always have been. In high school, I was “that girl with the beautiful hair”. This is because I grew up in a family of girls obsessed with aesthetics. We all did each other’s hair and kept each other in the loop about hair.

I am currently growing my hair 100% natural. I use different 100% natural hair products but mainly the Nativechild hair care range. I have a weekly wash day using their shampoo and conditioner. I do a monthly hot oil treatment using their grapeseed oil which is brilliant for dandruff. I’m the only person I know with absolutely no dandruff. I twist my hair twice a week before I sleep to keep it puffed up. I apply their castor oil and raw shea butter on my hair and scalp daily.

Im currently also using Elvive Extraordinary Oil-in-Cream Leave in Cream for All Hair Types. If ive been lazy and have not moisturized, I apply some on my hair and it gives it a fresh look.

  1. What is your favourite hair salon to get your hair done when you feel like splurging and when you feel like saving money?

Hahaha. I always feel like saving money so I do not go to salons for anything but braids. I do all my cornrows and braids at Biltina hair Salon next to “Love Food” in Braamfotnein. It is affordable and they plait like hair Gods.

4.What do you consider to be your number one beauty secret?

All round Moisture. I think all problems are solved by moisturizing. I hate crusty.

5.What has been your most indulgent beauty buy? 

Definitely perfume. Even when you do not look so great, if you smell amazing, people think you look stunning. Haha. Jokes. I’m allergic to perfume because I have eczema so when I’m keen to buy, I have to buy a good expensive one. Gucci Flora is my all-time fav. Oil based one.

6.What is your recommended place to shape your eyebrows?

Woolworths. It is now R120 to thread which people say is expensive but I have never experienced anything better.

7.Do you have any regrettable beauty purchases?

In matric my 1 friend went crazy over “Gentle Magic”. I had to try it because her skin really transformed. Shuuu. What a regrettable experience. My skin bleached and peeled. Never buy cheap skin products, I don’t care who swears by them.

8.What is the one beauty, hair or make up product you wished was available in South Africa?

Carol’s Daughter Natural Hair Care, Body and Skin Care products. I literally dream about that stuff.

9.Do you have a favourite beauty/hair YouTuber? 


10.Do you have any favourite South African beauty products?


 Words by Marilyn Suto 


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