My Winter Essential Oils And Scents Must Haves

My Winter Essential Oils And Scents Must Haves

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So as you all can probably feel, the nights and mornings are getting colder and before we find ourselves in the midst of winter, I’ve been getting a head start on stocking up my winter product essentials. Over the past year I have really fallen in love with these scents and oils and been so drawn to the benefits they possess. I’ve never really been one to find the importance of switching up beauty and skin care regimes for different seasons but the older I get, I’m  really starting to believe and get more into it. So here are my winter must haves.


This is one of my favorite colors ( the other being rose gold, duh) and becoming more aware of the healing effects of lavender has really made me fall in love with it more. I think we’re all aware of how lavender is a natural antidepressant and aids in sleep but did you know that it could also help with bloating? dropping a few drops of it in your yogurt  could help with easing it because of the  ‘polyphenols (a type of antioxidant) in lavender can help reduce the ‘bad’ bacteria in your gut,’says Christine Gerbstadt, MD, author of Doctor’s Detox Diet and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. What I’ve been doing with it lately is adding a few drops of it in my body moisturizer, I do it to help me sleep better at night as well as just maintain a certain level of calm throughout the day, especially the busy ones.


For summer I had a rose scent and this winter , I’m switching it to Vanilla. I love how warm and comforting the scent is, it’s not overpowering and I love how it sits on me throughout the day. I got a body spray to touch up throughout the day whenever need be as well as a vanilla infused perfume which I’m absolutely loving. Vanilla is also a good antioxidant , anti inflammatory and can help lower cholesterol , so if smelling like it isn’t for you, you can always include it in your meals.


I was very skeptical about this one at first but  I’m now it’s biggest fan. If there’s one thing you should know about me , is that I love herbal teas and trying all kinds of ones. In the past I’ve had Chamomile tea but not with a conscious of focusing on what its intended to do. I often struggle to sleep at night and this year I’m trying not to resort to medication for every problem I face, so going herbal is the first option. To my surprise the Chamomile has worked, and worked really well, so much so that when I’m feeling anxious during the day I can do with a nice cup of chamomile. Because of it’s strong contents of antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, other benefits you could use chamomile for include; nausea, Irritable Bowl Syndrome ( IBS) , dark circles and helping to fight acne.


Rich in vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and potassium. A great source of protein and fiber, Almonds are fast becoming my favorite nuts. Apart from the great nutrient benefits, Almond oil is also amazing for evening out skin tone and the rich thick texture provides a lovely layer of moister that is needed in winter when your skin could do with the extra nourishing. I bought a bottle of sweet almond oil from clicks which I apply all over my  body and face after I have applied my normal moisturizers.

(Tip : After taking a nice shower  or bath at night make sure when you apply the oil to wait for a few min before you hop into bed to avoid staining your bedding which is never fun to wash out. )


What are your guys winter product must haves? would love to know. comment and share below



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