UPDATE : Fit Chef Elements Range

UPDATE : Fit Chef Elements Range

Hi Guys !

So just a quick update , I’m sure some of you know and saw that I started my FitChef journey last month. I thought I would fill in with you  guys how it went for me.

I must say , and I’m being very honest, I loved every min and meal of it. The concept of creating your own healthy meals and knowing they are already precooked really did take the weight off my shoulders. The meals were delicious and I felt full and satisfied each time. At first I was  nervous that I would have to give up junk food completely  but I found that the snacks included in the package and extra meals like a bunless sweet chilli chicken burger satisfied those cravings without leaving me feeling guilty. The best part for me was how easy it was to prepare and pack the foods for work and even for mini getaways. The containers that the foods were in were packaged according to the certain portions we should be consuming and that really helped me with portion control which I often struggled with, I’ve kept the containers and I’m planning on using them as a reference point for food I eat moving forward.

I feel lighter, happier and energized and I really do recommend this to anyone looking to kick start a healthier lifestyle or adopt healthier eating habits.

FitChef just launched on the Mr Deliver! So if you’re looking  to try out some yummy healthy meals , they’ve made it that much more convenient for you.


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