Brunch With Tiffany : Craft

Brunch With Tiffany : Craft

Undoubtedly my favorite meal of the day, Brunch has given me the excuse to mix and match my meals in ways I’m sure I would’ve gotten side eyed before someone coined the phrase , making it socially recognized as a proper meal time and saving me the embarrassment of looking weird. I think by now it is no secret the love I have for delicious food and trying new spots to eat just goes hand in hand with it. Over the past weekend I finally got to check out Craft Restaurant, situated along 4th Ave in Parkhurst , on a strip accompanied by other hip and happening restaurants and stores, we decided to brunch there and squeeze in some work while we were at it.

The ambiance was affable and cozy,allowing you to relax and enjoy the intricate details in the interior, the warm brass and woody undertones made for a perfect chilling mid morning escape.

Overwhelmed by choice of what to eat, I narrowed down my cravings and stuck to a hearty English breakfast, Craft style. I was extremely pleased by the generous portion that was brought out to me as well as the presentation, which of course made for a perfect Instagram-able moment.   Specializing  in Bistro fare, Burgers, International, Pizzas , the menu will leave your mouth watering tempted to want to taste a bit of everything on there. On average you could spend R100 for a decent meal whilst being able to enjoy the finest of Crafts delicacies.

The service was great, management and those assisting us always ensured we were well taken care of which made a lasting impression on me, I’m definitely looking forward to my next trip there.




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