Winter Hack : How To Drink More Water During Winter

Winter Hack : How To Drink More Water During Winter

Let’s be honest, drinking your prescribed 3 liters of water a day is hard enough but with winter slowly creeping up on us, the thought of even taking a sip is dreadful. If you’re like me and your skin gets dry and could use the extra hydration then today I will be sharing some tips that have worked for me in the past.

Warm It Up 

Make sure to mix hot and cold water into your bottle drink to make for a warmer temperature. You will find that it’s easier for you to consume without getting your hands freezing cold too.

Leave It Out

Don’t put your water bottle in the fridge, it’s cold enough outside. leave it on the kitchen counter, bed side or on your office desk.

Herbal Teas

This is probably  my favorite part because I now have more reason to splurge on herbal teas. If you’re not a fan of the taste of green tea, then add some honey or try something new like pomegranate and honey infused tea. There’s a large selection of herbals teas in stores and you can pick or switch up throughout winter. The ingridents have good health benefits which is a bonus too!

Fruit It Up

This isn’t only for summer but fruit infused water can make an appearance in winter too, adding that extra flavor to water  with some of your favorite fruit could easily increase your water consumption.

Eat It 

A great way to cheat the system slightly would be eat foods that are high in water content.

below  is a short list of foods with high water content that you can enjoy throughout winter whilst they keep you hydrated :

Cucumber : 96,7%


Lettuce :95,6%

Celery : 95,4%

Tomatoes : 94,5%

green peppers : 93,9%

Cauliflower :  92,1%

watermelon : 91,5%

Spinach : 91,4%

Strawberries : 91,0%

Broccoli : 90,7%

Grapefruit : 90,5%

Baby Carrots : 90,4%


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