Nirmala Skincare Essentials

Nirmala Skincare Essentials

Winter is finally here and that means it’s time to switch up your skincare routine and try something new. For me this also meant doing another juice cleanse with Nirmala Juice  . I was ecstatic when I found out they have branched out and started a skincare line called Nirmala Essentials . Starting winter on a lighter and healthier note was looking more promising and easier than I had anticipated. The skincare products which include 3 powder face mask , a beautifully scented rose face mist and a facial serum are all handmade and made from natural ingridents, feeding your skin with the nutrients they need to stay glowing throughout the season. My favorite one already has to be the Turmeric And Sandalwood face mask and Facial Serum Nektar that has calming scents that will leave your skin feeling pampered. I’ll be using ONLY these products for my skin this month and I will do a review towards the end to show you and tell you guys the end result but in the mean time, head on over to Nirmala and try out some of the products they have. There’s something for everyone 🙂





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