My Current Go-To Winter Body Butters

My Current Go-To Winter Body Butters




One of the things I dread about winter is how dry my skin gets, I always have to go the extra mile and spend that extra buck to make sure I’m feeding my skin the right things and always see how I can achieve that winter glow. A few months ago I learnt the benefits and importance of serums and oils when doing my skincare routine ( see here if you missed the post) and when I started seeing the results I thought it would be best to follow suit with the rest of my body oils.  I have a few products that I use after taking a shower or after a lovely pampered bath.

Dream Cream 

This Hand and Body Lotion from Lush  has been working wonders for me for a while, it is rich in Fair Trade Organic Coca Butter, Chamomile Blue Oil , Extra Virgin Olive Oil and my favorite part, Oat Milk. The Oats is great if you have super sensitive skin as it calms the skin with it’s rose water. It’s fast absorbing and has a fresh light scent to it that lingers on your body all morning.

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner

Love is an understatement for how I feel about this product. it is everything you guys, I  swear! A body conditioner is a butter you apply in shower/bath after you have finished washing your body, you take a generous amount of the conditioner and give it a good rub all over and rinse it off, the best part is that you wont have to apply a moisturizer after because it is filled with your rich oils such as almond oil, organic Brazil nut oil, Fair Trade Shea Butter and Argan oil . There is a rich scent of Vanilla and Rose that the conditioner oozes which leaves for a comforting and softening feel. This is definitely a pamper product which we must all have.

Sweet Almond Oil

I’ve heard many benefits of almond oil for the face, it’s skin evening properties was what lured me to it. As I mentioned I suffer from extremly dry skin during winter and sealing this almond oil all over my body after applying a cream has been working really well. I usually use this at night after my evening shower so that it doesn’t stain my clothes.

Palmers Coca Butter Oil 

I find this oil to be lighter and more easier to use in the morning, with canola oil , coca butter and sesame seed oil. I find that this seeps right into the skin without leaving to much of a mess on my clothes.

Lavender Oil 

I use this more for it’s therapeutic properties. I put droplets of it in my Dream Cream just to give of the lovely floral scent. A great natural anti-anxiety oil !



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