Moon Beauty Routines – Get your glow on!

Moon Beauty Routines – Get your glow on!

The Sagittarius full moon falls on the 9th of June. The characteristics of the Sagittarius star sign are extroversion, optimism and enthusiasm. This full moon falls in-between two super moons, making this a great period of transformation and the perfect time to manifest the hearts path. As we reach the mid-way point of the year, things are going to be speeding up in order to prepare us for the new chapter of our lives. There are going to be karmic issues rising to the surface in order for us to find clarity and changes that need to be made in our lives. The intention of this full moon is to communicate peace and understanding so we can see the higher learning to be found in these lessons. A karmic cleansing is the practice of exploring the private introspection of oneself through the acknowledgement of past, present and future wrongdoings through cleansing your mind, body and spirit and leaving all negativity behind, as well as allowing yourself to accept the role of forgiveness through receiving and giving goodness.

Once you extract the blessing within the pattern, it will no longer feel the need to repeat itself.” – Doreen Virtue

The gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon have been scientifically proven to affect the tides of the waves. Just like the lunar cycle, we exist in phases and can resonate with the eternal chase for light. On average the human body contains 60% of water, there is a tide within us all that seeks to be quelled. Here are some lovely organic beauty routines to activate healing and get started on this beautiful personal journey to self-love and acceptance. 

Firstly, set your space up for divine healing and intervention. Light some incense, sage or frankincense, cleanse your space while visualizing positivity through white light radiating around you. Then wash your entire body from head to toes. Allow the healing power of water to wash away any worries or anxieties of the day. Remember this night is about you! Here are some personal homemade recipes from the both of us to get you started.

A natural body scrub: using organic unrefined coconut oil with granulated sugar or salt. Coconut oil is the holy grail of all oils; it’s a natural antiseptic and antibacterial. Salt has been used for centuries for purification of the body and spirit.  
A fresh facial mask: Use a teaspoon of cinnamon and three tablespoons of organic honey, mix them together and leave it to set for half an hour. Leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes and rise off. This forms a natural hydrogen peroxide that helps in evening skin tone and removing blemishes, honey is also a natural humectant with antibacterial properties so it attracts and locks in moisture while cinnamon is a natural exfoliate.

Considering a few of the universal facts about smiling and the effects it has on the mind, body and soul. It has been said, those who smile live longer happier lives. Smiling boosts the immune system as well as the individual’s mood and helps relieves stress/anxiety. The majestic graceful reality that a smile is more beautiful than make up! We want to keep some of these facts in mind while cleansing orally. Another one of the home made remedies consists out of organic unrefined coconut oil mixed with lemon juice and baking soda which forms the texture of a paste. An optional ingredient is adding a few drops of lavender oil. This is an ancient essential oil which I highly recommend that you further explore in cleansing routines.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Now that you’ve cleansed your body and your space, let’s talk about how to release issues that have been weighing you down and how to manifest powerful transformation and positivity. Get out an exam pad and write down some fears and frustrations that you want to let go of. Now focus on what the common feeling is that is manifesting in these sentences. Once you’ve pin pointed it down, you can choose a petal, stick or any natural object and write this feeling down on it. Reflect on the lesson that is to be learnt from this feeling and accept the teachings that have come through these difficulties. Blow into the object 3 times and release the hold of this energy over your life. Understand that energy can never disappear and that it is just transforming into a more palpable state, back to earth from where we all came. You will notice that you will feel lighter and calmer after this is done. Now think about some positive habits and routines you can implement into your life to ensure that the same feeling is not repeated. Write them down and hold yourself accountable in the months to come. If you keep finding you stuck in old habits and ways, remember to be gentle with yourself. A beautiful quote to remind you of where you were and where you’re going is by the African American poet Nayirrah Waheed.

take your time”                                                                
you are coming home.
to yourself.
-the becoming”

Happy journeying celestial gems! 

Love and Light

Rochelle and Vanessa



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    Sage advice. Thank you @astoldbytiffany

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