Bona Magazine – How To Kick Start Your Career In Social Media

Bona Magazine – How To Kick Start Your Career In Social Media



When I got asked to be interviewed for my first magazine feature, I was so overwhelmed with joy, mainly because it’s always been a dream of mine to be featured in a magazine but most importantly because what I’m doing and very passionate about is slowly getting noticed and appreciated. Without hesitation I got on with it and answered the questions that lay in front of me on How To Kick Start A Career In Social Media. I initially felt slightly nervous and anxious because there are many of my peers in the industry who I felt would be better suited and experienced enough to have their opinion taken seriously and also some what seem more credible. Once I had shook off my embarrassing moment of self-doubt, I poured my heart into it. For me growing into this industry has taught me a lot about my desire to succeed and my passion for what I’m doing. Having had read my answers back to myself  reassured me and brought about a new wave of hunger to want to be more and do more.  As Told By Tiffany is a platform I aim to have be the center of conversation and go-to for insightful information with it’s own twist. My passion to curate quality content propels and challenges me everyday to do better than the day before.

I’m forever grateful for the small victories and support.

Thank You



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