How To Eat Healthier In Winter

How To Eat Healthier In Winter



Winter is that time of the year when most of us struggle to stick to a good and healthy meal plan, let alone getting up to go work out. As difficult as it is, we know we have to do it because A: we’ll feel so much better, physically and mentally; and B: summer is around the corner. What helps me a lot with my meal planning is preparing the menu ahead of time, shopping for my ingredients and setting time aside to cook the meals, make the work lunches and snacks. One thing that’s working well for me is often substituting carbs for a vegetable. Cauliflower rice and having it as a pizza base is my current favorite alternative. Zucchini Pasta or Mash is also a healthier alternative that leaves me feeling lighter and less bloated after my meals. There are a lot Health Stores popping up all over South Africa, so find one nearest to you and play around with somethings you find. Woolworths has proven to be making the search slightly easier by offering great Carb Clever alternatives as well as gluten free recipes. 

These are some faves, which thankfully don’t take endless hours to make, and they will make your taste buds do a happy dance!


Sliced pear, oats and maple syrup


Zucchini with either sliced or mashed avocado and chicken strips


Red bean soup, either with beef or chicken strips (or you can leave out the meats and enjoy a veggie soup)


Fresh cranberry and orange smoothie

Trail mix of nuts and dried fruit

Words by Phumeza Langa

Curated by Tiffany & Phumeza

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