An Online Shopping Guide To Buying Your Favorite Make-Up

An Online Shopping Guide To Buying Your Favorite Make-Up

Dear Cosmetic Companies

South African women are tired of being slept on (especially Black South African women). Do you understand how frustrating it is to watch a beauty tutorial by your favourite YouTube Beauty Vlogger and know that half the products suggested aren’t available in the country? I understand that there are more pressing issues in the world such as war, poverty and disease. However, we at ATBT are multifaceted individuals and we are capable of caring about both issues simultaneously, caring about make-up and beauty products does not mean that we are vapid or at worst out of touch and that we do not care about pressing socio-economic issues that face both our country and the world. In addition, wanting international products to be stocked locally does not mean that we are not Proudly South African or that we suffer from a Northbound Gaze or ‘West is Best’ mentality. The two are not mutually exclusive we can want both South African and international products.  The focus will now shift to the real purpose of this article.


A quick survey of make-up and beauty products available in South Africa indicates that the products available here pale in comparison to the products available internationally. The sad reality is that the list of products not available in South Africa is longer than the list of products available in South Africa.  This is a fact that we find ourselves hard-pressed to reconcile with as countless reports have been written about South Africa’s burgeoning middle class and our albeit bad habit of conspicuous consumption. We are ready to give you our coins but you’re not willing to take them, why? This is a plea that you see and recognise us (a tad-bit dramatic I know) but it seems that we are invisible to most beauty companies. Believe me when I say that South African women are like most women across the world, we like to feel and look good, in fact we want to look good so please stop ignoring our insatiable demand for products. I do not profess to understand the dynamics and processes associated with launching a line in South Africa. I am certain it is more complicated than simply identifying a gap in the market or even responding to market demand but I am shocked at the lack of attention shown to us as consumers by the major cosmetic companies. The problem identified here is broad based and is not limited to higher end products (where the argument can be made that the average South African consumer cannot afford the products).The fact that entry level products such as Maybelline’s Fit Me range are not available in South Africa is telling and indicates that the problem is the result of an incongruence or mis-understanding of what consumers what and what companies believe consumers want. This article should not be seen as an attempt to attack or throw shade at the industry rather it is a plea that the Beauty Gods hear our prayers and finally bring much loved international brands to our shores. What follows below is a Top Ten list of beauty products that we at ATBT believe should be already sitting on our shelves. The list is a compilation of beauty and make-up products with a couple of hair care products thrown in and does not in any way represent a closed list as more products could easily be added.

  1. Carol’s Daughter
  2. Colour Pop
  3. Sleek
  4. Juvia’s Place
  5. Laura Mercier
  6. Too Faced
  7. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
  8. Nars
  9. Anastasia Beverly Hills
  10. Make-Up Forever HD


Ladies, if you’re too anxious to get your hands on international products you can shop the follow Insta boutiques to get your hands on firm blogger favourites such as Huda Beauty and Kylie’s Lip Kits. The sites listed below are tried and tested by our fave South Africa beauty guru’s such as Mihlali Ndamase and Cynthia Gwebu.



Words by Marilyn


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