The great benefits of running

The great benefits of running


When in doubt just RUN!

You’ve had the worst day – okay by “worst”, I mean anything that ranges from sitting in traffic; forgetting to save that important presentation you needed to have ready for your boss or tripping up the stairs, breaking a heel and a possible bumper bashing to just complete everything. You know that crying it out will not really fix the problem and you aren’t quite ready to handle the admin of taking care of any one of those things. Best thing to do? Change clothes, get some running gear (perhaps some athleisure options) and running shoes and hit the road or treadmill.  Apart from helping you deal with a bad day and stress, do you know that there are really amazing health benefits from being a runner? Let’s have a look at a few that should be enough to convince you to run on a regular basis.


Anxiety and depression

Of course running does not fix anything that requires more attention and assistance in dealing with these particular issues, but it can help to ease the immediate feelings of anxiety and depression – and those initial thoughts of helplessness / hopelessness. It’s best to seek help from your doctor or a healthcare professional if you feel that you aren’t coping well.


Joint strength and stability

Running does help when it comes to your joints. When you increase and improve the strength of your ligaments and tendons, you increase your joint strength and end up reducing the chances of really painful injuries to your ankles, knees and hips. If you do start to feel any aches, have them attended to, sooner rather than later.



This one of my favourite ones! Running is about discipline, serious discipline and commitment to the end goal, which range from fitness, weight loss or improved overall health. Once you see those particular things taking shape through your running, you will be surprised to see them filter into your work and personal life too, for the better!


Weight loss

Feel the burn! Of course it differs from person to person, but with serious and consistent running, paired with a well-balanced and healthy diet, you will start to lose weight, maintain and notice that you’re feeling much stronger. What better motivation is there than this?


Helps to prevent high blood pressure

Whilst you’re running, your body is doing some serious work on the inside. Your arteries are expanding and contracting whilst you’re running, and this helps your arteries stay fit and do the work that they need to do – which in turn means that the better that they are working than the better for you being able to maintain a healthy blood pressure.


Words By Phumeza Langa

Images courtsey of Pinterest


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