Fashion Week Beauty Guide

The official countdown has began! it’s finally #MBFWJ2017 week and with the rush and madness that comes with such a busy week, it’s always important to make sure that you are looking and feeling your best and not just on the  fashion front. Whether if it’s your first time at Fashion Week or you’re a regular these tips and tricks on how to take care of your skin and body will leave you feeling more confident than ever when you just so happen to be getting your picture taken 😉

  1. Drink LOTS of water  

For obvious reasons, your skin will be hydrated and looking healthy come game day. Drinking water is also great for controlling your appetite so you’ll be feeling slightly lighter in your outfits.

2. Avoid too much Salt 

Too much consumption of salt leads to puffiness especially in the face so reducing your salt intake could help with that morning puffy face we all usually experience from time to time.

3. Stick to your skin care routine 

It sounds like a no brainer but with the amount of make up you will be putting on over the weekend you want to make sure you wash your face in the morning and evening so you’re make up looks popping and fresh for the next day.

4. Eat Healthier 

What I like doing before any event is to decrease my carb intake and make sure I’m eating lots of fruit and veggies, not only am I avoiding packing on some of those extra kgs but you avoid a whole lot of bloating that I know I suffer from and that just helps me feel more confident in my clothes and when It’s time for that #OOTD post.

5. Get some sleep 

I know you’re probably thinking, is it even that deep? but any length to avoid getting those bags under your eyes or just feeling sluggish , I will definitely take it. With back to back shows over the course of the three days, you need to make sure you get enough ZZzzz’s in to be able to remain social , friendly and put your best foot forward.

See you guys there! 🙂



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