Why You Should Bump Up Cape Town On Your Travel Bucket List

Why You Should Bump Up Cape Town On Your Travel Bucket List

It shouldn’t come to us a surprise that the world is facing a major water shortage crisis , for decades now environmentalists have warned us to be cautious and implement a eco-friendly lifestyle and ease up on the damage we are causing on the environment and now it might be too late. Among the extreme weather changes that have caused tremendous damage like hurricane Harvey, South Africa , Cape Town to be precise is now feeling these side effects. In the past two years I have been a frequent visitor of Cape Town and it wouldn’t be an a exaggeration to say that with each passing visit the water shortage has become more apparent from dams to simple water restriction uses at restaurants and even within your own home.


I stumbled across an article of Well+Good that explains in great detail why you should bump up Cape Town on your healthy travel bucket list.. whether you are a local or a foreigner considering visiting South Africa , read more to seal the deal .


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