My secret to glowing skin

My secret to glowing skin


I think by now it’s no secret that I love me some great facial products. I love taking care of my skin and I’m always finding new ways ( or sometimes sticking with what I know) to bettering it. This year one of the things I’m trying to do , is wear less foundation. Not for any fake deep reason but other than the fact that I want to. I love me a good face beat but I also love the days when I’m not in the mood or in a rush to walk out the door and my skin is in good condition. A couple of months ago , I came across this company called , Corium Skincare , and all over my twitter feed they were threatening us to try their supposed amazing night serum. After scrolling through comments and reading great stuff about it I decided to give it a try. They are from South Africa and black owned ( BONUS!) so I felt I had to support. I got the Lemon Brightening Overnight Serum which was said to help with dark spots and evening out your skin tone whilst giving you a nice glow. I started using it this past December and finally the results are showing! I can’t even tell you what’s my most favorite part about it, the rich thick texture ( which only means a little goes a long way) , the amazing smell ( Which has got me looking forward to my evening skincare routine ) or the results I’m actually seeing on areas of my face that I wasn’t sure could be fixed. Yea sure ,it’s not completely gone but the difference I’m seeing with my skin is great. I’ve even been getting compliments that have left me surprised because I initially didn’t notice. I think the price is reasonable and you really do get your moneys worth. You’re only meant to use it at night as it states some of the ingridents are sensitive to the sun. For anyone looking to get even glowing skin, I really do recommend them.

P.s – part of skincare is also good nutrition. I think I saw good results because my diet has been balanced and my water intake met the daily requirement.


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