My DIY Earrings

My DIY Earrings

Firstly , I just want to say that I made these for less than R60! Can you imagine? Given that they retail for roughly twice as much. I was totally chuffed when the idea came to me and now I’ve found myself trying to turn everything into a DIY project. Keep reading to see the easy steps on how you can make your own!

What You’ll Need :

  • A pair of scissors , the smaller the better. Try get one with a really thin ‘mouth’ .
  • Your desired earring design , I’ve seen some people make the earring design from scratch with wool but I found these earring shapes in the curtain section at a fabric store lol! Cost : R15 each .

Earring hook – The part that goes into your ear, that cost me about R8 for a bag of 6 which means I got to make 3 earrings, which I did!

The Process :

  • With the earring designs I got, since they were intended for curtain use they were tied together so I just cut them in the middle ( as seen above) which leaves me with two small strings.
  • Grab the earring hook and poke it through the head of the earring and carefully insert the two strings through the small hole , I tied a knot multiple times until it was stiff and I made sure the hook wasn’t loose and stayed put in one place.
  • I got the butterfly of the earrings ( from old earrings I had) and tried them on but I found I actually didn’t need them because the hook was long and bent in such a way that it was secure but just to be on the safe side you can still put it on.

Above is the final product. I find that it’s so simple and  quick to make, I struggled weaving the two string parts together at first but it was just a matter of finding the right technique for me.

I would really love to know if you guys try this out! You can tag me on instagram ( astoldbytiffany) or twitter ( Tiffany_nlx) to show me your designs or simply just drops your thoughts in the comment below!



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