A Taste Of Havana : Katy’s Palace Bar

A Taste Of Havana : Katy’s Palace Bar

Here you don’t just walk into a bar , You enter into a different world 



A perfectly fitting description that sums up what Katy’s Bar is all about. I have always driven past  Katy’s  on my way to explore the vast selection of design stores around Krameville  and I’ve  attended an event that was held on the roof top but I never really knew how multifaceted the building was.  After hours of furniture shopping it was safe to say we had earned some relaxation time. Stumbling upon it was truly serendipitous , it’s like you were walking into a time capsule of a perfectly preserved Havana. The decor, menu and ambiance engulfed you and had you  believing you that you truly were in the heart of a vibrant bar on the street side corner of Cuba. Having had spent a few hours moving from store to store and really feeling the Joburg heat, it was a no brainer that we would latch onto the cocktail menus first. The menu is reasonably priced and the selection of food and drinks are plenty and well thought out. If you feel like stretching your legs whilst waiting on your food or even just before you leave, there is an antique store that you can explore at your leisure.


Address : 6 Desmond Street Krameville , Sandton.

Contact : +27 72 607 4235



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