I’m so thrilled to be featured in the Aug/Sept 2018 Spring VISI issue. I’ve always had a key interest and admiration for design and decor and being able to share a few thoughts in a local publication I love feels surreal. As I’m getting older and my own personal journey in life changes and adapts to new environments and situations , I’ve become more intentional and aware of the life I want to build for myself and I’ve become increasingly aware over the years how  design and decor are visual and tangible reflections of those dreams and aspirations. In the one page article feature- I share my own personal connection to design that traces back to my early childhood and how in those moments I was influenced unknowingly of the path , habits and desires for life I would now currently poses.

I’d like to thank Samantha  from the Visi for the opportunity and creative freedom to express memories I hold so dearly.




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