As Told By Tiffany is a new and refreshing platform that features inspiring lifestyle content that is curated by Tiffany Lekuku. A collaborative spirit is what drives Tiffany and is at the essence of this platform. South Africa is bursting with incomparable talent in the worlds of fashion,art, food and entertainment; this new wave is being pioneered by fearless young individuals with a penchant for breaking new ground without compromising their identity.

As Told By Tiffany aims to be one of the leading sources for meticulously-curated content that celebrates this new wave and spirit. Tiffany  is an ambitious and well-traveled Joburger whose passion for content creation propels her to share her educated opinion on fashion, lifestyle and everything in between.

As Told By Tiffany is about distilling and dissecting the intricacies that make our beautiful world tick and exploring our identities beyond the aesthetics.